Wax cabin allocations has been done according the IBU Rules.

Keys to the cabins will be picked up, and returned in the Wax Cabin Area, Wax Cabin Service – Cabin # 35  

Opens daily from Monday 15.03.- Sunday 21.03.

If you arrive before Monday 15.03., please check where the course is open in the Competition Office before skiing or ski testing!
(for safety reasons – there will be preparations on the Competition Courses)

The deposit/key is €50/key and will be returned when the key is brought back to the Wax Cabin Service – Cabin # 35  before departure.

Check out Wax Cabins:

  • Fold tables / benches and place them where they where taken
  • Remove paper etc from the walls
  • Sweep the floor and throw the rubbish in the garbage baf
  • Place the garbage bag in containers located in the area
  • Return the key to the wax cabin service – cabin # 35

Check out Wax trucks: 

  • Place the garbage etc in containers located in the area


Located in Wax cabin service – cabin # 35

Fire extinguisher

Two fire extinguisher are located outside the toilett cabins. White coloured wax cabins are equipped with a fire extinguisher.

Drinking water

The  tap water in the restroom cabins is drinkable (used for brew of coffee and tea).

Address (GPS) to wax cabin area:

Address to arena: Lövlunda 105, 83194 Östersund

Address to close to arena: Arenavägen 13, 831 43 Östersund

Team Staff / Suppliers who needs access to the Stadium Before, or after, Opening hours must Contact Security to open/close the gate.

Stadium Security
Phone: +46 (0)76 113 64 79

If you need assistance, please Contact:

Peter Lodén
Wax Cabin # 35: 

Phone: +46 (0)72 549 82 39

Day Date Wax Cabin Area (Same time  as Stadion Opening Hours)
Monday 15.03. 11:00-19:00
Tuesday 16.03. 08:00-20:00
Wednesday 17.03. 08:00-19:00
Thursday 18.03. 08:00-19:00
Friday 19.03. 08:00-19:00
Saturday 20.03. 08:00-18:00
Sunday 21.03 08:00-21:00
Monday 22.03.