Wednesday  March 6th at 20:19

The ceremony will be held at Medal plaza, Town hall.
It will be a spectacular opening show with the sound of Jämtland, artists, reindeer surprise, team parade and much more. The Town hall will be decorated with projection effects.

All teams are expected to bring four people to participate in the team parade. The whole Team is of course welcome to visit the Opening Ceremony and for them we have a special area next to the stage (marked green).

Meeting point at the Town hall (marked X) at 20:19

Find your flag and stand behind the child who carries the Flag.

The Flag parade starts exactly 20:29 and the Blue line shows the way of the flagparade.

If you need assistance to order transport, please come to the Competition Office or call +46 63 18 46 20


After each competition day at 20:19 at Medal Plaza, Town hall

(Sunday 18.03. directly after the Competiton at the Stadium)

The Medal Ceremony will include a pre-show with live music, peptalk and interviews starting from 19:45. The Town hall will be decorated with projection effects.
  • The IBU medal ceremony will start at 20.19.
  • The winning top three athletes/teams must go with OC Taxi. They will be picked up at their accommodations for transport to the Town hall at around 19:45.
  • A confirmation of time and address will be handed out in the team mailboxes directly after the Race.
    Please make sure that the address is correct and that the athlete/s gets that information.
  • After the Medal Ceremony, the same OC Taxi will bring them back to the accommodation.
Contact Ceremony:
Beatrice Olsson, phone +46 (0)70 602 12 44


The ceremonies will be held at the Stadium after each competition.  It will be followed by OC prizes


The ceremony will be held at the Stadium immediately after the last medal is awarded on Sunday March 17th at 17.00