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GO BACK DAILY PROGRAM 24.11.-05.12.2021 May be subjects of change. Wednesday 24 November Course Open / Close Training Zeroing Competition 13:00-17:00 Ski training (no shooting)  Arrivals Thursday 25 November Course Open / Close Training Zeroing Competition 11:30-13:30 Training Women 14:30-16:30 [...]


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GO BACK COMPETITION OFFICE Information will be handed out in the mail boxes on the first floor, posted on information boards in the Competition Office Competition Office Phone: +46 +46 E-mail: info@worldcupostersund.se Contact before Official Opening hours: +46 70 641 07 50 (Marianne) Opening [...]


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GO BACK Online weather information Weather information will be posted in the Competition Office. Online weather forecast is to be found at: www.yr.no www.smhi.se


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GO BACK Weapon Declaration Fee All teams must pay their weapon declaration fee (Appendix A) for weapon customs declarations. € 100 will be paid in Cash or Card in the Competition Office Before departure. APPENDIX A - APPENDIX A Team application form for Weapon and Ammunition [...]


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GO BACK RADIO & INTERNET Radios are free of charge if they fulfill the requirements of relevant Equipment standards and specifications. If not, the fee for team´s or other mobile transmitters must be paid to the Swedish Telecommunications Administration. Application for using Radio Frequency, Appendic C, deadline 27.10.2021 The Stadium [...]


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GO BACK PRIZE MONEY  Prize Money - Important information to the athletes  Procedure in Östersund! The IBU prize Money will be paid to the athletes ranking 1 to 20 by the OC. Payment will be made by means of bank transfer. The following information [...]


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GO BACK FIRST AID & MEDICAL DOCTOR First Aid - Opening Hours: TBD Medical Doctor Emergency service and first aid treatments of injuries will be provided by the Event Medical Doctor (24 hr) Phone: +46 (0) First Aid and Ambulance First Aid is on competition days located in the Wax [...]


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GO BACK DOPING CONTROL The doping Controls and blood tests will be performed in accordance with the IBU stipulations. The Control will be made in the Media building, ground floor  but also in the Accommodation. All teams shall submit a list with correct address and room number of every [...]


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GO BACK Tickets for Athletes relatives Each athlete is allowed two free tickets, Course, per day, to be used only by his or her relatives. The tickets has been ordered in advance, deadline 22.11. by the Team leader or federation. The ticket will be handed out in the Competition [...]