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GO BACK SHUTTLE SERVICE UPDATED "Railway station" from Sunday 10.03. Shuttle buses runs from the hotels in Östersund/Frösön  to the Biathlon Arena and back. .he shuttle service is for the  participating teams and team leaders and IBU Officials. Athletes going to competitions have priority and media is welcome to travel [...]


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GO BACK OC TAXI OC Taxi is the world championships own taxi service, primarily for officials and doping control. Team members are  welcome to use the service if working late and the shuttles no longer runs. OC Taxi are booked in the Competition Office, via Phone or e-mail. Taxi is [...]


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GO BACK CHARTER ÖSTERSUND - OSLO 18.03. OC Östersund offers also this year a direct flight to the next BMW IBU World Cup in Oslo, Norway There are a few seats available on the Charter from Östersund to Oslo Monday 18 March. If you are interrested, please send a e-mail [...]


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GO BACK Wax Cabins Wax cabin allocations has been done according the IBU Rules. You find all wax cabins and Wax Trucks in the Wax cabin area. All grinding Machines are parked next to Östersund Arena (400 m from Stadium). Keys to the cabins will be picked up, and returned [...]


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GO BACK Online weather information Weather information will be posted in the Competition Office. Online weather forecast is to be found at: www.yr.no www.smhi.se


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GO BACK All Courses ORANGE COURSE 1.5 km   Saturday 30.11. Single Mixed Relay Homologation: Length 1577 m / 1532 m / 1337 m Start altitude – 363 m / Highest point – 390 m / Lowest point – 363m Maximum climb – 27 m / [...]


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GO BACK Offices Östersund Arena: Accreditation Office, 300 m from Stadium (number 23). In the red main building next to the finish line following have work space/offices (number 17 + 33) First floor: OC Offices/work space Mail boxes for all Teams OC Taxi sub office (Opening hours to be announced) [...]